Athletica Labels
Athletica Labels, based in Meguro, Tokyo, is a leader in custom performance labels for athletes.
Our mission is to create unique products that is a reflection of you and help inspire you to perform at your best.

<Ordering & Payment>

Can I order by phone or fax?
Sorry, presently we are unable to receive orders through phone or fax.
Please place your orders through our website or contact us.

I did not receive my order confirmation e-mail
When an order is placed, a confirmation e-mail is sent shortly thereafter.
Should you not receive an e-mail within a few minutes after order placement, please contact us.
Also, some customers have found that they were not able to receive their confirmation e-mail due to spam filter settings being set too high.

I cannot place an order from my shopping cart
Some computer security software prevents customers from using the shopping cart function.
If you are unable to place an order, would you kindly contact us and place an order through e-mail.

How long will it take to deliver my order?
We endeavour to complete your order within 3 business days. From there, delivery will be sent through normal air mail and will vary by region.


In order to reduce wasteful packaging, Athletica Labels has packaged products using LOKSAK bags.  LOKSAK bags are essentially high-tech “ziploc bags” which have been used by the military, photographers etc. to protect gear from the elements outdoors.

LOKSAK bags are waterproof to 60m and withstand temperatures from -51℃~78℃.

Ideal for mobile phones, cash and ID, please reuse and enjoy.

Dimensions: 8.58cm x 16.20cm.

For more information, please visit the LOKSAK website.


<ID Band>

ID Band?
ID Band is a light and durable emergency identification that is worn on your wrist.
Just as it is now common sense to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or to buckle up your seat belt when in a car, ensuring that you have readily visible ID with you when training outdoors is important in case you require medical assistance but are not able to communicate effectively.   In the event of an accident, every minute counts, whether it is to obtain vital medical information, or to contact family or friends who would like to be notified of an emergency.

When you are active outdoors it is not always ideal to carry your driver’s license, insurance etc.  The ID Band can help you communicate any important information when needed.
It helps to be prepared. Consider the ID Band for yourself or for family and friends.

What materials are used in the ID Band?
Mounted on a stainless steel plate is a commercial grade (3M) and water-resistant  ID label with an overlaminate which provides UV, weathering, and abrasion protection.
The label on the Premium ID Band is protected by a resin coating for improved durability and appearance.
The band is a latex free, silicone band.
The ID Bands are water resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Who should wear an ID Band?
It is difficult to predict when you may get sick or seek emergency assistance.
No matter how careful you are, accidents happen or people become ill.
In these situations, every second counts and appropriate medical care may be delayed when a the injured person’s name or an emergency phone number is not available in order to obtain important information.

By wearing an ID Band you can alleviate many of these risks.  Whether you are cycling, running, swimming, hiking, surfing, skiing or enjoying an active lifestyle outdoors, be prepared and reduce the risk by wearing an ID Band.

What size am I ?
To determine the appropriate size, please download the sizing instructions here and follow the instructions. 

What is the difference between the Original ID Band and the Premium ID Band?
The Premium ID Band has all the benefits and features of the Original ID Band :
+ the addition of a protective coating over the ID label for improved durability and appearance.
+ additional colourful  and distinctive ID labels to choose from in addition to the original designs.

Can I give an ID Band as a present?
An ID Band makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family whether it is a birthday present, a gift to thank someone or to give to valued employees or customers.
Many people regard their own safety as an afterthought  therefore this custom made, practical gift is ideal.

Can I request a different font or color?
Sorry, the font or color cannot be selected.
The font and color has been carefully selected in order to be attractive and be easily readable.

What letters can be printed?
・The English alphabet and Japanese alphabets and characters can be printed on the ID Band.
・Typically, submitted information will be printed as is however, we reserve the right to modify if necessary to make the ID Band more readable.
・The first line, typically occupied by the name, will have a larger font size.
・Though it is difficult to state a maximum character length per line, up to 15 characters is recommended in order to maintain readability.  The font size may be reduced in order fit information in the allotted space.

Can the ID Band be customized for clubs and teams?
We have produced custom ID Bands for clubs, teams and companies.  For custom ID Bands, we are able to print the team name or logo on the ID (not silicone band).
Please contact us and provide details.

Suggested ID Information
The ID Bands can be customized to include any information that you feel is important.

The following are some suggested items:


1. Your first and last name (should be provided on the first line)
2. Emergency contact information – home or mobile numbers of people that can provide critical information. It would be important to provide area code / country code for those who travel outside of their local area.
3. Any medical conditions or allergies that would be critical information in order to provide appropriate medical care
4. Blood type
5. Others – Country/State/City of residence, team or club name, favourite motto etc.

<Performance Label Kits>

・The writing on the labels are limited to the English alphabet with the first name followed by the surname.
・The name input is case sensitive.  For example, if you would like the labels printed “JOHN SMITH” in caps, please ensure that it is submitted all in caps. 
・The design for the Maru Seals (round labels) are determined by your font choice as shown in the chart below.

Font Choices:
Font A・・・Sans-serif type font, Maru Seal (round label) is tricolor (blue-white red).
Font B・・・Sans-serif Italic type font, Maru Seal is arc-en-ciel (rainbow).
Font C・・・Modern style font (font is wider and thus may potentially have space issues with long names). Maru Seal is white-red-white.

fontPlease list all other requests or comments in the memo area on the checkout page or contact us here.

Where should I use the labels?
On items which you would like to personalize, equipment which you would like to distinguish among friends / team members etc.  Also, items which require washing, drying or need to be scrubbed are OK too.  The following chart also provides some ideas for label use.


 How to Apply Labels
① Apply to surface that is clean and dry and free of dust etc.
② Apply moderate pressure to the label with you fingers.
③ Allow 24 hours for maximum adhesion.

Are there any surfaces that the labels  will not adhere to?
Avoid application when surface is wet or damp.
Labels may not adhere to some rubber, silicone or other materials which are prone to stretch.

Can Tag Seals be applied to clothing?
Tag Seals generally cannot be adhered directly onto clothing as it is designed to be used on clothing tags.
As well, labels may not adhere to some rubber, silicone or other materials which are prone to stretch.

Can I request a change in the font or color?
The English alphabet is allowed in 3 different font choices shown above.
Please contact us for any requests outside of these options.

How many characters is allowed?
There is no set limit on the maximum number of characters.  Based on the number of characters, we adjust font size and letter spacing to achieve a suitable fit. Please contact us if you have concerns regarding the length of your name request and we will try to find a solution for you.

Can Performance Labels be customized for clubs and teams?
We have produced custom labels for clubs, teams and companies.  We are able to print your name or logo on the labels.
Please contact us and provide details. 

Is it OK to wash labels applied to bottles or frames etc.?
Athletica Labels utilizes high quality materials that can generally withstand washing, bleaching, drying and scrubbing.

There is adhesive left behind on my frame after peeling off the label
Utilizing the old peeled-off label, firmly pat the remaining adhesive on the frame until all adhesive is removed.