Premium ID Band

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All the benefits and features of the Original ID Band :

+ the addition of a protective coating over the ID label for improved durability and appearance.

+ additional colourful  and distinctive ID labels to choose from in addition to the original designs.


Product Details:

Mounted on a stainless steel plate is a commercial grade (3M) and water-resistant  ID label with an overlaminate which provides UV, weathering, and abrasion protection.
The ID label is protected by a resin coating for improved durability and appearance.
The band is a latex free, silicone band.
The ID label and silicone bands is available in many colors and designs.
The ID Bands are water resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Weight: approx. 8g

Included Items:
ID Band x 1
Emergency ID decal (small) replacements x 2
Emergency ID decal (large) x 1
(The large Emergency ID decal can be used on your helmet, mobile phone, LOKSAK bag etc.)

*In order to reduce wasteful packaging, Athletica Labels has packaged products using LOKSAK bags.  LOKSAK bags are essentially high quality “ziploc bags” which have been used by the military, photographers etc. to protect gear from the elements outdoors. Ideal for mobile phones, cash and ID, please reuse and enjoy.
More information about LOKSAK can be found here.

Available sizes:
(band size)

Small      152mm
Medium 175mm
Large      200mm

For more detailed sizing information please refer is link here.

Available silicone band colors:
Black, Red, Blue, Vermilion Red, Pink & Purple
(Note: Vermilion Red is only available in size Small and Medium)

Each line should not contain more than 20 – 25 characters in order to maintain legibility.
In order to fit the requested information on the ID label, actual final layout of the  printed information will be at the discretion of Athletica Labels thus resulting in non-uniform font size.

Silicone Band Color Red, Black, Red Vermilion, Blue, Pink, Purple
Size S - 152 mm, M - 175 mm, L – 200 mm
Premium Label Style Ultraman, Ocean, Ladybug, Navy, Violet, Belgium, Rosa, Sakura