Cycling Kit

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Personalize Your Ride
You’ve set up your bike to fit you just right and to suit your tastes.  Athletica Labels can help you add the final touch to make it truly unique?

Our labels are commercial grade (3M) and water-resistant with an overlaminate which provides UV, weathering, and abrasion protection. Unlike typical stickers which are prone to fade and peel, our products use some of the highest quality materials available and go well beyond the requirements for Athletica Label’s products intended use.

Suggested intended uses

Wheel Seals Affix to the wheel rim
Tag Seals Affix to clothing label tags (when properly applied, will endure countless washings)
Long Seals Affix to bicycle frames, helmets etc.
Short Seals Affix to bicycle frames, water bottles etc.
Maru Seals (round) Cycling / running shoe insoles, equipment, mobile phones etc.

Available icons include national flags, Lion of Flanders, sakura etc.
We welcome club or team names and logos and other custom needs(please enquire here

Included Items:
Cycling Kit x 1

*In order to reduce wasteful packaging, Athletica Labels has packaged products using LOKSAK bags.  LOKSAK bags are essentially high quality “ziploc bags” have been used by the military, photographers etc. to protect gear from the elements outdoors. Ideal for mobile phones, cash and ID, please reuse and enjoy.

More information about LOKSAK can be found here.

Cycling Kit Details and How to Order

STEP⑤ Input Name
Note: Please input name ONLY in the FIRST INPUT FIELD (please disregard the other fields).
・Please verify the letter case used. i.e. If you would like all upper case please ensure input name is all upper case.
・Names will be entered first name followed by surname.

For more information regarding fonts please refer to the FAQ page or contact us.

Background Color White, Black
Font Font A, Font B, Font C
Icon Flag of Japan, Sakura, Lion of Flanders, Other (Please specify in the memo area of the Checkout page. Submission of artwork may be required)