ID Band?

IteacherD Band

ID Band is a light and durable emergency identification that is worn on your wrist.
Just as it is now common sense to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or to buckle up your seat belt when in a car, ensuring that you have readily visible ID with you when training outdoors is important.

Why is it important to wear an ID Band?

It is difficult to predict when you may get sick or seek emergency assistance. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen or people become ill.
In these situations, appropriate medical care may be delayed when a the injured person’s name or an emergency phone number is not available to obtain important information. Every second counts.


In case you are unable to communicate, your ID Band will provide support on your behalf

When you are active outdoors it is not always ideal to carry your driver’s license, insurance etc.  However, when required the ID Band can help you communicate any important information to right people when needed.

hornTime matters

In the event of an accident, every minute counts, whether it is to obtain vital medical information, or to contact family or friends who would like to be notified of an emergency.

Provides a peace of mind for family members


By wearing an ID Band you can alleviate many of these risks. Whether you are cycling, running, swimming, hiking, surfing, skiing or enjoying an active lifestyle outdoors, be prepared and reduce the risk by wearing an ID Band.

It helps to be prepared. Consider the ID Band for yourself or for family and friends.  For pre-schoolers, we have collaborated with Omi&Rica to produce ID Band for Kids.  Please inquire for more details.

Suggested ID Information

The ID Bands can be customized to include any information that you feel is important.

The following are some suggested items:


1. Your first and last name (should be provided on the first line)
2. Emergency contact information – home or mobile numbers of people that can provide critical information. It would be important to provide area code / country code for those who travel outside of their local area.
3. Any medical conditions or allergies that would be critical information in order to provide appropriate medical care
4. Blood type
5. Others – Country/State/City of residence, team or club name, favourite motto etc.